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Five Minute Tips to Get More Instagram Followers

Right now is a great time to be social on social media and get more Instagram followers. But, whilst a lot of people are posting great content, many people make the ‘post and ghost’ mistake on Instagram.

This mistake is when someone works super hard on a great post but then thinks their work is done. They sit back and wait for people to find their amazing post or even worse they post and disappear neglecting to interact with comments or subtly promote what they’ve just done.

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following you should never underestimate the importance the IG algorithm places on relationship building on its platform because let’s face it, that’s what they want you to do.

Here at Smart History Blogging, I want to share my knowledge and advice but also let you in on some of the great resources I come across which can help you grow your blog.

I’ve been following Sunny Lenarduzzi for years. She’s Canadian and talks at 90 miles an hour (it’s really quite charming) and has brilliant tips on growing Youtube and Instagram.

This nine-minute video from Sunny gives you lots of techniques you can use in five minutes to boost your relationships on Instagram right now. If you’re stretched for time, here are some of the little gems I liked: (psst… she starts giving the tips at 1min 10)

  • When you put a new post out, like all of the comments in the last one and it will put you on their radar and tip them off you’ve got something new
  • Interact with everyone who followed you that day by sending them a hello message and asking how you can help them or what they’re interested in.
  • Get in touch with like-minded accounts through search and tags then save the great stuff you find for your own stories or posts
  • Follow-up with people – don’t make your interaction a one-time thing.
  • Respond to everything and everyone
  • Mingle in your key hashtags to find people who haven’t heard of you get and introduce yourself.

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Want to get more Instagram followers? Watch ‘Five Minute Insta Growth’ – Sunny Lenarduzzi

Get in touch or let me know what you think about Sunny’s tips in the comments and I’d love to hear your own tips for how you can get more Instagram followers when you only have five minutes!

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