smart history

I want you to Stop feeling down about not posting because "There's no time"

You're a history blogger because you love it but chances are you're also busy with work, study, kids and well life.

I know that awful feeling when you realise your colour-coordinated, glossy editorial calendar is a work of fiction, you've missed another week and chances are you'll miss this week too. It's deflating. It makes you want to give up.

Well, I don't want you too! The world needs your history blog. So, here's 7 steps you can take RIGHT NOW to maximise your precious time, get better results and reduce stress so you can focus on creating and writing about what you love. I think you'Il like these results...

  • Setting goals which tell you exactly what to do when you get time
  • Making EVERY second count
  • Avoiding advice overload
  • Making your fabulous content go further
  • Giving your blog systems like a machine, and
  • Getting technology to work for you.

Yes, I want smart time-saving steps to give my history blogging life an energy boost!

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