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Looking for a Guest Post on your History Blog?

As well as writing about blogging, being a history lover, I also write about history too. If you’re looking for a guest post on your site please get in contact. I enjoy British History but can cover a wide range of topics. Some examples of my work are below.

Guest Posting on Smart History Blogging

I am open to guest posts from the history blogging community about creating, growing and marketing blogs.

Collaborating with Brands, Products and services

I would love to discuss sharing your products and services in the following categories:

  • History products or history-related travel services
  • Writing and productivity tools and services
  • Email marketing or social media marketing tools and services
  • Taught and online course providers in writing, blogging and history

Best Ways to Reach Me

If you’d like to email me (even just to say hi!), use the form below to reach my inbox. Or, you can connect with me on social media, @elizabeth_smarthistoryblogging on Instagram is best.