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5 Sinister YouTube Channels For Halloween

I recently covered the top 5 spookiest podcasts for Halloween. But to keep the spirit of Halloween going I’m adding 5 spooky YouTube channels for Halloween. Kick back with your pumpkin spiced latte, turn off the lights and enjoy these 5 fascinating channels dedicated to preserving, exploring and explaining some of history’s darker moments.


Curious World

Covering a whole range of topics from true crime to myth and legend to unsolved mysteries this channel has everything you could ever need to get you into the Halloween spirit. Take an in-depth look into topics such as The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall (one of the most famous “ghost” photographs), historic London Underground ghost stories, or the case of Mercy Brown and the Vampire Panic of New England. 

Proper People & Broken Window Theory

The online Urban Exploration community is undoubtedly huge, particularly on YouTube. History is being preserved by the people who explore abandoned houses, hospitals, power plants, bunkers, factories, churches, and the underground and document what remains. Because of the many excellent Urbexers out there I’ve had to choose two: The Proper People and Broken Window Theory. Both have been creating in-depth videos and conducting their own thorough research into the history of fascinating abandoned locations around the world. Most of their visits are an amazing insight into the past, but there’s always something a bit unsettling about abandoned places wouldn’t you agree? 

The Mutter Museum 

Or to give it its full title; Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Home to the famous Hyrtl Skull Exhibit which features 139 human skulls collected and catalogued for the purpose of debunking Phrenologists claims that a person’s cranial features were linked to intelligence and personality. Their channel also covers their other exhibits such as glass slides containing slices of Albert Einstein’s brain and the Soap Lady who was exhumed in Philadelphia in 1875, who has remained a somewhat mysterious museum resident whose body is encased in adipocere. 

Ask a Mortician  

Caitlin Doughty explains everything you could ever want to know about funerary rites past and present around the world as well as answering questions about the modern-day funeral industry. She regularly covers topics such as the bubonic plague, royal burials, famous and iconic corpses such as the Romanov family as well as more hard-hitting topics such as the mistreatment of corpses in museums and private collections. All with a heavy dose of dark humour and fabulous gothic fashion sense.  

Elizabeth Hill-Scott

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