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5 Spooky History Podcasts For Halloween

Autumn has arrived. Which means falling leaves, dark evenings and chilly mornings with a hot mug of tea. It also means Halloween is not too far away. So let’s celebrate the spooky season with 5 spooky history podcasts that focus on the more…uncanny tales throughout history.

History Podcasts

The Dark Histories

The quintessential history meets horror podcast. Five seasons of episodes that delve into some of history’s darker subjects. From seances to shipwrecks to French werewolves and ghostly phantom airships. There’s something for everyone on The Dark Histories podcast.

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A multi-award-winning podcast with a whopping 320 million listens this podcast’s extensive library of content provides, as of writing, 178 episodes of mystery, horror, and history. Following some of history’s most iconic horror stories such as the infamous HH Holmes hotel. 

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This Podcast is Haunted 

Aleister Crowley? Witches of medieval Ireland? Doomed sea voyages? The legend of Bloody Mary? Ghost presidents of the White House? This Podcast has episodes for some of history’s scariest and weirdest moments. Plus regular interviews with experts.

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Unexplained Mysteries

It’s fair to say that through time there have been some questionable and odd happenings that we simply can’t explain. This podcast’s extensive collection of episodes covers some of the more common and some of the more obscure tales throughout history. I highly recommend the episode about the mysterious Antikythera mechanism.

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The Strange and Unusual Podcast

The final entry for my spooky history podcasts is The Strange and Unusual podcast. Alyson Horrocks’ love affair with history and horror has lead her to create the Strange and Unusual Podcast and uncover some of history’s strangest stories. Covering everything from legends, superstition, folklore, odd customs and mass hysteria events. One of the highlights is a recent three-part series on the Axeman of New Orleans.

And this year’s Halloween episode has just dropped. Perfect timing! 

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