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How Tailwind could save you time ‘pinning’ on Pinterest | Tailwind Review

Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest (+ Instagram) that can help speed up your pinning. After watching too many minutes slip away manually creating and uploading each pin, I’ve been using it a while. So, I thought I’d do a Tailwind review and share benefits like creating a bunch of scheduled pins in one go that fill up the entire month ahead.

So, if mastering Pinterest is next on the list or thoughts of abandoning the platform are creeping in read on. (Also, super-quick, if you don’t know Pinterest is a search engine based around images. You upload ‘pins’ with graphics, video and keyword-rich descriptions to promote your content and drive traffic to your blog.)

In full disclosure this post contains affiliate links. I only ever recommend products I use myself and believe will be of value. For more view my policy page.

Tailwind Review – What Do I Need To Know?

Tailwind is the official partner of Pinterest and a high-quality third party app they have approved. You can also be reassured it’s a secure, stable platform tried and tested by thousands of creatives like us.

Smart History Blogging is newly linked to Tailwind but views on Britpolitcs (my other site) noticeably improved when I started using Tailwind. They jumped from around 300 impressions to 479.8k over the course of 2019.

Overall Tailwind claims they can improve your engagement by:

Instagram Likes: 1.8x Followers: 1.3x
Pinterest Repins (saves): 6.9x Followers: 3.7x

 But is it worth it for your history blog? Based on my experience… Yes, if your goal is driving traffic to blog posts. Yes, to ‘compete’ on Pinterest and be consistently pinning. Yes, to promote products and services or tie it into your affiliate marketing.

Still on the fence? Start how I did.

Sign up here for free and get 100 FREE posts with no time limit on use.

What Does Tailwind Do?

  • Speeds up and streamlines the process of posting to Instagram and Pinterest.
  • It gives you the option to cross-post your pin or Instagram post on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Allows bulk and drag and drop uploads of multiple pin and post designs. Which are then saved for you as drafts to use when you need them.
  • It gives you useful hashtag suggestions.
  • Provides analytics overviews for top-performing boards, pins and posts.
  • Ability to join Pinterest Tribes to network with other creators and boost each others content.
  • Best time posting tools that crunch the numbers and analyse when people are more likely to be engaged with your posts.
  • It gives you a useful calendar layout where you can schedule multiples of the same pin on different dates.

But the biggest benefit by far is the amount of time it has saved me.

I can set and forget my posts and leave Tailwind to do the work for me. Leaving me plenty of time to work on other aspects of blogging like y’know getting to write actual blog posts! These kinds of scheduling tools are all about freeing up your time but only you can decide whether the cost is worth it for your goals.

Tailwind Review – The Pros and Cons List

In total transparency here’s some pros and cons of using Tailwind to help with Pinterest.


  • Much faster than conventional posting. Once the posts are scheduled everything runs itself.
  • Access to Tribes where you can view and reshare quality content from like-minded creators.
  • No time limits on the 100 free slots you get when you sign up to the free trial account.
  • Far and away the best and most comprehensive option for Pinterest scheduling.
  • No credit card/debit card required for sign up.
  • Fairly easy to use if you’re familiar with online schedulers.


  • Cost for the year is $9.99 per account per month if you sign up and pay the annual fee. If you pay for the monthly option it’s $14.99 which if you’re on a budget is pricey.
  • Only available for Pinterest and Instagram so it’s not a full suite for all types of social media posting. Although you can cross-post to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tailwind Tribes and SmartLoops are priced separately.
  • The Pinterest benefits are much better than the Instagram ones.

Ultimately only you will know if it’s working for your history blog, but this a great way to try it out for yourself. Overall Tailwind is allowing me to reach more people, saving valuable time, helping to organise my posting schedule, helped me to break down my analytics and allowed me to connect with other people with similar content. So I can certainly recommend it for Pinterest.


Elizabeth Hill-Scott

Elizabeth Hill-Scott teaches entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to start, grow and monetise a successful niche blog in the fascinating field of history. She is also a post-graduate and communications expert who spent over 15 years advising senior UK politicians and public figures.