The Ultimate History Blogging Planner – Print


“If you want to boost your blog and your productivity look no further!”

This planner package was inspired by my own blogging frustrations.

I kept wasting time searching notepads, not having post ideas, hashtags and keywords all in one place and (total honesty) getting overwhelmed by it all. Sound familiar?

I want EVERY aspiring history blogger to pursue the blog they dream of. But, perhaps you’re trying to start or grow a blog alongside work, study, raising children and busy lives.

So, just think how much more you could achieve if you had some help planning your history blog in a way that maximizes your time!

The truth is, whilst not very sexy, creativity needs to emerge from a strong foundation of plans and processes.

I’m here to help you build that foundation with 45 pages of essential undated planning templates wrapped up in an elegant art deco design.

The package includes unique history blogging templates, six front cover options, motivational device wallpaper, printable bookmarks and a 19 page blogging guide.



The A4 printable planner holds all the key planning templates you’ll need to set goals, discover your niche, plan daily and weekly tasks, set a posting schedule, plan social media, guest posts and giveaways, contact subscribers, track your progress and more. And, it’s all undated.

There are templates specific to history blogging to help plan a history blog series, key ‘on this day’ posts as well as to capture thoughts on visits, travel, history books you’ve read and films and TV series you’ve binge-watched.

A 19-page guide packed with definitions, tips and techniques to guide you through the blogging process and make sure you maximize every single template.

A beautiful, elegant art deco inspired gold design with six extra covers including a customizable cover

12 stylish monthly cover pages, motivational device wallpaper and 4 printable bookmarks.

>> This Planner has been designed to help you:

  • Set out your dreams, find your niche, develop your goals and create actionable steps to reach them
  • Keep on top of your planning in a way that suits you – daily, weekly schedules or a monthly editorial calendar
  • Prioritise and manage your blog’s day-to-day tasks
  • Keep all hashtags, keywords, contacts, and post ideas in one place
  • Plan through how you will get and connect with more readers and social media followers
  • Plan your blog posts in advance and publish with confidence
  • Track your progress and make changes to drive success.


Your Dreams

– Long-Term Dream – My History Blogging Dream
– Long-Term Dream – My Blogging Goals, Mindset & Systems (two pages)

Your Goals

– My 30 Day Goal – Staying Focused
– My 90 Day Goal – Staying Focused

Your Ideas

– Planning My History Blog – Coming Up With Ideas
– Planning My History Blog – Creating Your Elevator Pitch
– Notes Page (blank)

Your Niche

– Discovering My Niche – Choosing My Topic

Your Posts

– Blog Post Planning
– My Blog To-Do List – Setting Priorities. Making Progress.
– History Blog Series – Exploring Topics. Going In Depth. Saving Time
– Affiliate Marketing Posts – Authentic Promotion. Making Money.
– What I’m Watching – Crafting Film, TV and Video Related Posts (two pages)
– Writing a Book Review (EXTRA Bonus)

Your Schedule

– Daily Planner
– Weekly Planner
– Editorial Calendar
– Dates and Awareness Days

Your Social Media and Promotion

– Promoting My Blog – Getting More Readers
– Keywords Research – Long-Tailed Keyword Suggestions
– My Giveaways – Getting Imaginative. Promoting Your Blog
– Social Media Planning – My Themes
– Social Media Planning – Choosing Hashtags.
– Social Media Planning – Outlining Posts
– My Hashtags List
– Using Hashtags – Understanding My Post’s Themes
– My Contacts
– Starting a Podcast (EXTRA Bonus) (4 pages)

Your Reading and Travel

– What To Read Next – My TBR Wishlist
– Recordin’ My Explorin’ – Planning My Travel Posts
– See The World – My Dream Historic Destinations

Your Connections

– Newsletter Planner – Starting Conversation. Building Relationships
– Contacting My Email List – Staying Connected. Building Relationships
– Guest Post Ideas – Helping Readers Discover You
– Tracking My Guest Posts – Keep On Top Of Your Guest Posting (two pages)

Your Growth

– Monthly Growth Tracker – My Blog And Engagement Activities
– Monthly Blog Review –Blog Posts And Traffic
– Monthly Blog Review – Hashtags And Pins
– Monthly Blog Review – Social Media
– Monthly Blog Review –Podcast, Videos And Forms
– My History Blog This Year – Unique Visitors
– My History Blog This Year – Page Views

Your Finances

– Tracking My Finances – Income And Expenses
– Tracking My Finances – Planning And Budgets


  • A4 – portrait page orientation
  • PDF
  • 45 pages
  • Undated pages – start and use anytime
  • Custom front cover option
  • Instant download files


You will receive a PDF of the planner, guide and bookmarks to use with either a personal printer or professionally through a print shop.

You will receive an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of this PDF planner. No physical copy will be shipped.

This is an instant transaction. I cannot offer refund or exchanges on your purchase. However, if you have any problems with the download, please contact me. I want to help you resolve it as quickly as possible.

Due to variations in monitors, web viewing devices and printers, if you choose to print pages, the colours shown on your screen may differ slightly from the actual printed file.

You may not use these files for commercial use; they may not be shared, resold, recreated, copied, redistributed, or reproduced for any purpose without the expressed permission of Smart History Blogging.


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